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Peter’s Unfinished Masterpiece: A Question of Compassion

Peter: Medical Marijuana & Me

Peter’s Letter to the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine

Peter’s Statement before the Nat’l Academy of Sciences & Medicine

07/23/98  Feds ARREST Los Angeles Author, AIDS & Cancer Patient Peter Mcwilliams In His Home At 6:00AM Today!!!

07/27/98  Peter McWilliams Denied AIDS Medication For Four Days!!!

07/29/98  United States of America vs. Peter McWilliams

07/30/98  Jailed AIDS & Cancer Patient Peter McWilliams Scheduled For Hearing To Reduce Bail At 11:00 AM Friday, July 31, 1998.

07/31/98  Federal Prosecutor Lies To Judge About AIDS Patient Peter McWilliams’ In-Prison Medical Treatment. Judge Denies Motion To Reduce Bail.

08/03/98  It was 30 years ago today... - Peter McWilliams writes from prison.

08/03/98  Declaration of Peter McWilliams


United States of America vs. Peter McWilliams

08/21/98  AIDS-Cancer Patient Peter McWilliams Released on $250,000 Bail

08/24/98  Unsettling Irony of the Week

Marijuana FAQ’s

Peter Update

11/05/99 US District Court Judge Bars Medical Necessity Defense,

Mention of Prop 215

A Statement by Peter McWilliams Concerning Judge Green's Ruling He Cannot Use His AIDS & Cancer as a Defense in His Medical Marijuana Trial

09/16/99 Peter: Who’s Minding the Rights of Calfornia’s Sick and Dying?

01/22/98 DEA Destroys Peter’s Credit/DEA Critic &

Medical Marijuana Advocate loses His Car

12/17/97 Author-Publisher, AIDS-Cancer Patient Has Work on Mesical MMJ Seized by DEA

Ides of March Update (1998)

Marijuana Policy for Ill Draws Critics (1999)

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