Peter and John-Roger appeared on Larry King Live. Pay particular attention to the first caller from PA.

She was telling the truth, a truth that Peter would tell once he was able to break away from J-R’s cult, the MSIA. He would

later write about it, and even feel horrible for defending the man who has hurt many people.

A critical look at John-Roger Hinkins and  MSIA.  J.-R. was formerly associated with Eckankar and later claimed he was in contact with Sawan Singh of  Radhasoami Satsang Beas on the Inner Planes. Brief interview  includes David C. Lane among others. Watch for Peter who later defected. But here he’s shown blocking the camera, brainwashed by J.R. When Peter later defected from the MSIA, he authored Life 102: What to do When Your Guru Sues You.  

David C. Lane’s Description: “News excerpt from 1994, just after Peter  McWilliams' book, LIFE 102: WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR GURU SUES YOU, came out and basically altered the governorship campaign of Michael Huffington.  Basically shows Arianna  Huffington  fumbling when asked about her well documented association with John-Roger Hinkins.”