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August 6th

Remember the Fallen:

Seattle Weekly Article

TokeSignals.com’s Steve Elliott wrote about an inspirational speech about Peter that was given at Olympia Hempfest.

Once again, Steve made another beautiful mention of Peter as well. Read all about it by clicking here.

Monday, August 5th The Gary Snyder Show

Was awesome.  To hear the podcast, please click here.

Sunday, August 4

Papsite Radio Presents: Remembering Peter McWilliams

Noon (EST)

1.5 hour show about Peter!  It was an awesome time, speaking about Peter with others who love him. Thanks Jenn for having us on!

July 27-28

Olymp ia Hempf est was a blast!!! Peter’s spirit could be felt everywhere and the receptive, caring crowd made sure of it.

July 2013

Treating Yourself Magazine #41

Once again, Treating Yourself Magazine has featured my story about Peter. This time I write about why  “A Question of Compassion” is such an important work of Peter’s. He never got a chance to complete it as he died during its writing.

I strongly feel every patient and their caregivers and friends can benefit from this book.                   

It was written back in 1998 but never got publicized.  I had just discovered this beautiful masterpiece last year and had the idea of bringing it to life on Youtube, free of charge for everyone, narrated by Josh Stanley.

Our friends at TY created a BEAUTIFUL spread, you can get it free online but I also highly recommend that if you can get your hands on a physical copy, you will see just how wonderfully done this is.

June 14

Hemp.org Honours Peter

Tokesignals.com’s own Steve Elliott posted a tribute to Peter  and you can read the whole story here.


Peter’s Last Project Online Video for the Very First Time

A Question of Compassion:

An AIDS/Cancer Patient Explores Medical Marijuana was Peter McWilliams' final, unfinished work. written FOR the patients, BY a patient. Peter’s final masterpiece will be brought to life, on video- free, to share with the sick, the lawmakers, the politicians-the world. Just as Peter would have


Josh Stanley (pictured right) who starred in "American Weed" and now hosts"The Realm of Caring" on I Cannabis Radio, narrates. (For a 26 second taste, click here). Josh helps patients everyday and he truly cares about Peter’s story. Click here to view one of our most favourite radio appearances we’ve done to date.  

To keep up with this exciting event, join our Facebook event page or visit our Youtube channel, subscribe and follow us there.

June 4

The Treating Yourself Expo in Toronto was awesome.  It was really great meeting so many patients and hearing their stories, and being able to offer them hugs, a listening ear, and some of Peter’s books. There seemed to be a lot of interest in the books “How to Heal Depression” and “You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought.” The quote about medical cannabis on the shirts we were offering seemed to resonate deeply with many of the patients. Marco Renda, the founder of the Expo, gave a really amazing surprise along with allowing me to speak about Peter on Sunday.

Remo, aka The Urban Grower gave an awesome interview.  It was a beautiful weekend and can’t wait to come back next year!

Speaking at the 10th Annual Olympia Hempfest

Proud to be a part of this awesome festival hosted from Heritage Park.

And the first legal hempfest in the nation! Please come out and support a wonderful event that truly honours Peter! There’s an awesome line-up of speakers, music and vendors so see you soon!

July 4

Peter mentioned in the Huffington Post

Considering many of us view Peter as a true American Hero and Patriot, it’s only fitting that a well-known and respected magazine such as the Huffington Post would choose to remember and honour him today of all days.

Peter appears as one of 14 who died due to the War on Drugs.

To view the full article, “Hemp Flag to be Flown at Capitol on July 4,” click here.

Scroll down to the slideshow. We are grateful to the Post that they chose to mention Peter’s many talents, not just his activism. Presenting him as a whole person.  

June 14

Keith Stroup remembers Peter McWilliams

To view video click here.

Monday, May 20th

6pm PST, 9pm EST

Cannabis Times Magazine Radio Shared the show with Marco Renda of

Treating Yourself Magazine & Expo

Friday May 24 through Sunday May 26

Treating Yourself Expo, Toronto

I am honoured to be among the featured speakers during this event. Please be sure to catch as many speakers as you can, and stay for my speech on Sunday at 1pm! Books and t Shirts and hoodies will be available for purchase :)

  April 17th

 Medical Marijuana411.com  (front page)

April 20th  

Toke Signals’ editor Steve Elliott gives us some glowing reasons why we should always remember Peter and keep his memory alive. Please view here.

April 25th  

The Cannabis World Summit

We are honoured to be among the featured guest speakerst. You won’t want to miss a minute, many cool speakers involved! Click here for the interview!

Sunday, April 28th

9pm-11pm EST

Radio -Show 420

 sharing the show with

NJ Weedman.

Wednesday, March 27th

Cannabis Times Radio Show w/Ron Sheppard (pictured, left) and Chris Bazaz (pictured, on the right)

7:30 pm PST, 10:30 pm EST

Join us here!  Are you on Facebook? Join our Facebook event page too and see which friends will be joining you. Will be talking with both Ron and Chris for around twenty minutes and be sure to also check out Cannabis Times’  website.

Update: had an awesome time guys!

Monday, March 4

FreeThought Radio

Alex Fidel with FreeThought Radio (pictured, right)  interviews Julia from PeterMcWilliams.org. You can listen live at KKSM AM 1320, Cox Cable Channel 957 (all of San Diego) or stream live worldwide by clicking here.  Join our Facebook event page.

January 2013

420 Magazine

Georgia Toons Guest Blog

Peter’s Name Added to the Burning Prohibition Wall

December 2012

Medical Marijuana 411

Cannabis Nation Radio show

October 2012

Moms for Marijuana included a patch of Peter as a part of their national quilt honouring Drug War Victims and their families.  

Boston Freedom Rally 2012

It was an honour to introduce Judge Jim Gray  with the help of Dex Ter. The speech about Peter was well received and we’re pleased to report more people were turned on to Peter’s story.  I was honoured to help introduce Judge Gray, Gary Johnson’s running mate and another Libertarian inspired by Peter.  For that video, click here.

Hempstalk 2012

LOVED Hempstalk  being able to speak about Peter on two different days before really attentive audiences. John Sinclair, notably, who was one of Peter’s earliest influences.  He informed me that  Peter  had been working on a story about his life that he was filming. Watching Judge Jim Gray speak was inspiring as always, and the crowd loved him. When I spoke, I also made mention of the Johnson/Gray ticket and for my efforts I received a big high-five from the Judge himself!

8.17.12 Seattle Hempfest was a good place to interview a few good people regarding Peter McWilliams. Many wonderful people in the Movement were interviewed so look for those coming soon!

Judge Jim Gray, Gary Johnson’s running mate, took time out of his pressing schedule to talk about Peter. He really knew Peter’s story intimately. Anyone who wants to know more about  the Gary Johnson/Jim Gray ticket, please visit: Gary Johnson 2012.com

8.16.12 A fun return to Overgrow the Radio with Stick Man & Dennis Peron

8.06.12 Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense with Lanny Swerdlow. With Special Guests: co-author Harold Bloomfield, MD, Dennis Peron and Paul Krassner.

8.05.12 Peter’s books “How to Survive the Loss of a Love” , “How to Heal Depression”   “You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought” “Ain’t Nobody’s Business if You Do” are now available through petermcwilliams.org  With your donation, the proceeds will go to allowing petermcwilliams.org to travel and speak at events educating the public about this wonderful author and activist. For more information, please email:: peterspage2@rocketmail.com with the subject “BOOKS” -thank you!

8.05.12 Peter McWilliams would have been 63 today. Appreciating all the wonderful words people are leaving. It’s so wonderful knowing that Peter has touched so many of your lives!


Had an AWESOME time with Dennis Peron, and host Josh Stanley on this week’s American Weed  (above) Had a great time. Loving icannabisradio !

7.04.12 Spoke at the July 4th Rally to Reschedule Marijuana as Medicine  & 43rd Annual Smoke-In, . It was lot of fun, and people were really excited to learn about Peter.


The archive of Thurlow Weed’s Wake N Bake show.


The Treating Yourself Expo in Toronto, Ontario was awesome.  Peter’s memory was honoured in such a beautiful way.  Marco the editor and founder of TY made sure of it. He placed Peter’s story in issue #34 and allowed me to share his main booth where I met a ton of great people eager to hear Peter’s story.  I was able to sell Peter’s books: Ain’t Nobody’s Business if You Do, You Can’t Afford the Luxury of  a Negative Thought, and Come Love with Me & Be My Life. But that’s not all. I was able to speak about Peter as well. And when Marco promised to wear a petermcwilliams.org shirt, and DID, for two days straight, that says so much about his support.


Julia speaks at the  Overgrow  Event


Host Thurlow Weed had petermcwilliams.org on his program

Wake N Bake w/Thurlow Weed.

Thank you Thurlow, and No Excuses Radio!   


Thank you Ron Niehouse (pictured) & Mark Pedersen, with the prestigious publication Medical Cannabis Journal.  Peter’s story was covered on their Facebook page so you can view it here.

It was also posted to the Medical Cannabis Journal’s webpage and has been on there as a featured story since June of 2012. We truly appreciate the Journal’s sweet support! :)


Stick Man interviewed PeterMcWilliams.org on his show, Overgrow the Radio.

The Father of the Medical Marijuana Movement, Dennis Peron joined once again.


Dennis Peron and petermcwilliams.org joined Jason Lauve (pictured),  and Elise & Kris on  Cannabis Health News Magazine. Definitely worth checking out! Speaking of Dennis, his site marijuana.org features our tribute video for Peter.


Thank you, Marijuana.net for D. Reed’s wonderful article about Peter. It is an honour.  To read this piece please click here.

March 2012

Special Thanks to KUSH Magazine! In their Northern California Edition they published “the Curator’s” piece about Peter (page 36).


Peter McWilliams Tribute & Dennis Peron on the “Two Hotheads

On Cannabis” show


Peter & Positivity Video: Click here!  


A special thanks goes out to Mr. Steve Elliott for his article about Peter and our tribute.


August 2011

Thanks Charlie King at Releaf Magazine! Your spread about Peter and the tribute was fantastic! (Page 18-19)

2011 Appearances: Special thanks to:

The Seattle Hempfest

The Tacoma Hempfest

4/20 in Washington, D.C.

The Boston Freedom Rally

 More Radio Interviews: Time 4 Hemp, Hemprock Radio.....