-An excerpt from Peter’s book, LIFE 102-

By: MSIA Info

      "The next night during Talent Time, I got up (anything was better than sitting and listening to another rendition of “Amazing Grace,” retitled “Amazing Traveler”; or someone announcing, “You won’t believe I only started piano lessons two weeks ago,” which was true: when he started to play it seemed inconceivable that he had ever seen a piano before in his life). I told the group that I was the Mystical Tickler and Presumptive Consciousness, the founder of MESSIAH, which stood for Movement of Essentially the Same Stuff as Interpreted by yet-Another Hotshot. I told them my ashram was called PRA-NA-NA, home of the New Age Golden Oldies. At the end of every seminar, John-Roger always said, “Barush Bashan” which meant, “The blessings already are.” I told them I always ended my seminars with “Barush Bruce,” which meant, “The blessings are in the mail.” I also told them I was building some low-income housing next door to PRANA West and calling it Baruch Ba Shanti Town.

    The puns went on forever, and it was great fun. Then the real fun began. Most people, I think, found my presentation amusing, but a certain number found it appalling. After the seminar, they came up to me and looked me straight in the eyes (a technique learned at Insight) and said, “Don’t you know who J-R is?” or “Don’t you know what MSIA is?”

    I had little to say. The questions were not really questions: they sailed beyond rhetorical, sped past retaliatory, and were intended to be bulls-eye retribution."

~Peter McWilliams

Life 102: What to Do When Your Guru Sues You © 1994 Prelude Press.

          Page 101-102



-An excerpt from Peter’s book, LIFE 102-

By: MSIA Info

      Allow me to give you a summary of who John -Roger claims to be spiritually and a short summary of his teachings in a format that-I hope-won’t put you to sleep.

     John-Roger claims to be the “physical embodiment” of the Mystical Traveler Consciousness and the Preceptor Consciousness.

     Let’s get the Preceptor Consciousness out of the way first: no one knows what the hell the Preceptor Consciousness is.

     If you look up the word preceptor in the dictionary, you’ll find it’s just a fancy word for teacher. All that we know about the Preceptor Consciousness, as “physically embodied by John-Roger,” is that it only comes around once every 25,000 years, and John-Roger is it. When he goes, it goes. No matter what lever of consciousness one may achieve in this lifetime, this once-in-two-hundred-fifty-millennia Preceptor Consciousness permanently keeps John-Roger superior- at least in John-Roger’s cosmology-for the past 25,000 years and the next 25,000 years. The ultimate spiritual trump card. That’s the Preceptor Consciousness.

     On the other hand, John-Roger has given a great deal more information-entirely too much, some might say-about the Mystical Traveler consciousness. In fact, the term Mystical Traveler is simply one coined by John-Roger. Hence, he can define it any which way he chooses, depending on what he wants from a situation. By coining his own essentially meaningless phrase (he could have chosen Cosmic Rider, Universal Mover, Transcendental Journeyer, or any other), John-Roger becomes at once the foremost authority on the Mystical Traveler, the ultimate arbitrator in any disputes concerning it, and its physical embodiment.

     The Mystical Traveler is a direct link to God. According to John-Roger’s teachings, a mystical traveler is in each of us; we just aren’t aware of it as fully as we might be. The Mystical Traveler is John-Roger. According to John-Roger, he is fully aware of the Mystical Traveler Consciousness within him, and also maintains complete conscious awareness of all levels, inner and outer, known and unknown, here and hereafter, throughout the universe. (No wonder the guy has so much trouble sleeping.) Because John-Roger has this ability, the “mantle” of the Mystical Traveler Consciousness was given to him. (Or was he given the mantle and then these abilities erupted? I forget.)"

~Peter McWilliams

Life 102: What to Do When Your Guru Sues You © 1994 Prelude Press. Page 73-74